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I'm not sure but it could be 4 many reasons like: He's usually known as a PLAYER around his friends so he's not used/ known to settle down.......if you have a problem with his friends or the other way around he might be afraid of what his friends might say wen they find out he's dating you.......or he probably doesn't want his freinds to say somethin' like "tell me u tapped dat by now!!!!!" ........another reason is that he probably doesn't want too many or ANY people know what u and your man r doin' .........maybe he feels that whayever u 2 do is none of anyone's business.....maybe he wants to keep it on the D.L......don't worry....... it won't last long!!!!!!!!!!! actualy they will if they are mad at you they will start rumors. And as a guy it really ticks you ,no it makes you really mad when your friends talk about their girlfriend alot. It could also be that he doesnt want any one to know because girls some times play with a guys feelings and if they are he wont want ANY ONE to know that he 1 fell for a trap 2 that it is SOOOOO embarising 3 it hurts and we sometimes like no one to know that we feel hurt and we bottle it all up so we can live the same life as yesterday.

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He could need help deciding where to go on a date or see if she is over him if she hasn't been happy lately or even help saying i love you for a first time or maybe he is over her and wants to put her down gently.

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Q: What does it mean when a guy won't talk to his friends about his girlfriend?
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Tell him that she is trying to control him and when she's gone he will not have anybody.

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Move on. If he does not want to talk to you then you can't be friends. An Ex is An Ex for a reason

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Well it means the parent are protective. Never mind some parents are like that.

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do u talk to him if u do and are friends it will change everry thing

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she will be ignoring you at school or anywhere or she wont talk to you as much as usual

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dont fall for it he's just trying to get in your pants & use you

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Well, what I would do is talk to both the girlfriend and him explaining all you want is to be friends that spend time with each other and talk. Nothing more. If she still insidts on not trusting you, confront her and tell her, "I'm sorry you cannot trust me, but I would like to continue the relationship with my ex as a friend. I'm sorry you feel differently."

What does it mean when a man takes your phone away?

From another mans perspective, he is looking for nude pictures that you wont send him. Basically he is jealous of all his friends showing him pictures of their girlfriends and he is to mad that his own prude girlfriend wont send him any.

What if your best friends hates you and when you are trying to talk to her she wont listen?

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