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From my point of view, I would say every guy is different some are mean just for attention that they like you or their just jerks and others nice but not so interested. So if it seems to you that a guy is treating you differently from other girls it means he might not be so interested in you, or that hes so caught up with this one girl that he hasn't had the time to see the real you and get to know you. So i suggest talk to him more, get to know him as he'll get to know you and forget about the others, Find a way to get away from other girls so you have one on one time with him.

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Q: What does it mean when a guy treats you differently then other girls?
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Does a guy in your middle school class like you if he is mean to you?

Pretty much if he treats you differently than other girls, he has something for you.

Do guys like girls when they treat her different from the others?

Well, if he treats her with respect and very nicely then maybe. but watch and see how he treats other girls and if he treats them mean then he probably likes u !!!!

If a guy blushes smiles stares and treats different then the other girls does that mean he likes you?

He likes you this guy he is crushing on you.

What does it mean when a boy treats you like his girlfriend but you are not going out?

He wants to have sex and keep his options open for other girls at the same time

If a girl flirts with other guys but treats you differently in the sense shes kind to you what does that mean?

She doesn't want to flirt with you, or she respects you more. Most likely the first one though.

What does it mean when a boy says that he really likes you but he does not show it and he treats you just like all his other friends who are girls?

That means that he probably does really like you, as a person, not a girlfriend.

What does it mean when a guy treat girls differently?

it depends how you mean by 'differently' if they treat them nasty it means they love them (in most cases) if they express most of there feelings to you, that means they trust you kind of a hard question to answer, sorry hope this helps :(

If a guy constantly stares at you and is always concerned about you and looks you up and down and has a special nickname for you and treats you differently but wont talk to you what does it mean?

That he's stupid.

What does it mean when you of your boyfriend over and over with other girls?

hmm, what do you mean over and over other girls ?

What does it mean if we are not dating and he stares sometimes but then talks with other girls?

In a simplified answer, HE IS A PLAYER! However, if you want to test it out start doing the same thing to other boys. See if he acts differently and gets jealous. Good luck :)

If a guy treats you differently to all the other girlfriends he had does that mean he really loves me?

Not always. Maybe he thinks that he has been the reason the relationships havent lasted, so now hes trying a new approch on the relationship to make it last longer. But if its a drastic change then it could mean he loves you

What is mean by differantiate?

to form or mark differently from other such things;distinguish.