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it means you are cute as a barbiee <3.. :D

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Q: What does it mean when a guy says you cute does it mean like a baby or puppy or what?
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Can 'lovely' mean 'cute' in British English such as in a 'cute puppy' or a 'cute baby'?

lovely and cute are NOT the same BUT are similar.-

What does it mean when someone calls you a puppy?

When someone calls you puppy, it is said as a good thing, that you are cute, small, and cuddly, like a puppy. it doesn't necessarily mean to be calling you some sort of animal, in a weird way. I think it's kind of cute, like kitty or kitten as well. So, being called puppy is basically saying you're like a cute little puppy, or sweet and submissive, etc.

What does being called cute mean?

Clever; sharp; shrewd; ingenious; cunning.

Who is the cute penguin in Madagascar?

Well, Private is the smallest and youngest, and he loves unicorns and candy, so if you mean "cute" as in cute like a puppy or kitten or something, I would say Private. If you mean "cute" as in handsome or whatever, they are all sort of cute like that in their own way. I especially like Kowalski.

What does it mean if a guy calls you baby cakes?

It is just a cute nickname like baby, honey, sweetie, ect.

The young one of fish?

if you mean a baby fish, well, the name for a baby fish is a "fry" just like how a baby dog is a "puppy"

What does sperm puppy mean?

cute new born, little, dogs.

What does nano mean in Spanish?

Its like a cute name for my baby or midget talking about your kid

Is one piece sanji Cute?

he is the cutest ever and i dont mean like as cute as a puppy the other kind plus he is really fit ask anyone who watches one piece :)

What does it mean if someone calls you baby-cakes?

nothing, its just a cute name like hunnie or babe

What does it mean if the baby's face is first in birth canal?

baby face mean that you look youger then what u r really r like if you are 17 you look like your 14 and of course youu look really cute big eyeys and round face and cute cheecks

Build-a-Bearville emoticon of cute puppy?

If you mean the whie one that's a REALLY old one, however very cute,I have that one. Or do you mean the black puppy with the yellow smlilie face, also cute, somewhat old. There is another one, the pinkish/redish Jonas dog,it's pretty new but not as cute. If you wanted a code none of the puppy emoticons have codes that I know of.