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Technically it meant there's something about you that amazes or amuses them. It may be since you look very beautiful or handsome that day. Or it may be because they are gasping what you said since it's either not what they expect you to say or it's totally inappropriate. Another idea may be that they are gasping at you idioticy.

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It's safe to say he is amazed at you.

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Q: What does it mean when a guy or girl stare at you with their mouth open?
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What is it called when you stare with your mouth open?

flabbergasted aghast stunned

What is the definition of the verb to gape?

The verb "gape" means to look or stare with a look of wonder, amazement or surprise, generally with one's mouth open. It can also mean to open one's mouth wide.

What it mean to stare open -mouthed?

It means he thinks your beautiful

How do you use the word gape in a sentence?

You can use gape as a verb meaning to stare with mouth open and to split or become wide open.Example: When I told my husband the cost of the hat, it made him gape.You can use it as a noun meaning a wide opening or breach, or a stare with mouth open.Example: You should have seen the gape on his face when I told him the price.To gape has several meanings. If you mean to gape as in open the mouth wide, you could say "The baby bird's mouth gaped as it saw its mother landing with a juicy worm." If you mean to gape as to stare stupidly or in shock, you could say "His mouth gaped open in shock." You can even say "A huge crack gaped in the sidewalk."

What does it mean when an anole's mouth is open?

If an anole's mouth is open it wants to mate.

How do you know if a girl wants to makeout?

If a girl wants to make out, she will often stare at the mans lips, touch them, play with hers, and/or move her tongue about. The may flat out ask if she trusts the boy, or if she wants to hint she may kiss softly, mouth open slightly.

What gape mean?

Open the mouth wide.

What does sah ahh mean?

Open your mouth

How you ask a girl for her mobile no?

When you're with the girl, open your mouth and say "what's your mobile number"

What does gaping mean?

It can mean staring, open-mouthed, but is normally used to mean an open fissure or crack

What do boys not like in a girl?

They hate girls who chew with their mouth open :))

What does Ouvrez la bouche mean?

Open your mouth