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He is ill mannered

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Q: What does it mean when a guy jumps into your conversations?
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What does it mean when a guy is always in your conversations?

You prObably like him (:

What does it mean when a guy jumps on top of you?

He wants to f*ck

What does it mean when a guy is eavesdropping on your conversations while looking at you?

he likes you but is very nosy

When a guy has tons of friends on fb but they seem to always chat with you?

Doesn't always mean the guy is interested in you, perhaps the guy likes the conversations you two have, perhaps he does like you, or perhaps you're not the only one he's talking to.

Is a girl happy to have long conversations with a guy she likes?


Why does the town shake when the dinosaur jumps?

I think you mean when your mum jumps

What does it mean if a Muslim girl listens to only your conversations while you are on the phone with your mom if you are a Muslim guy?

She's either interested in you or she's just eavesdropping for no reason.

What does it mean if a guy says you're good value?

It means he values you as a person friend or even more. Try to spark intimate conversations with him and see how it goes.

Who is the guy who jumps in the videos of all-star weekend?

Zach Porter.

What does it mean when your car jumps while you're driving?

Not sure what you mean by "jumps". Maybe you need new struts or shocks.

Is it ok for a girl to start a conversation with a guy?

yes! it shows your bold. i start conversations with my guy-friends all the time!

What a guy wants in conversations?

A lot of times, the guy just wants to get to know you, and the more he can talk with you the more comfortable he will be around you.