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i'm sorry to say that it means that she doesn't want to be friends.or maybe she feels that you want to be more than friends and she doesn't so she doesn't want to get involved so she doesn't hurt you.just back off for a while and see if she talks to you.if you run after a girl she will run from you,trust me. I already expect this will happen from the moment i decide to email her. We were classmates 2 years ago. At that point of time, i have some good feelings for her but i did not tell her neither did we communicate very much except for stuffs related to work. Maybe, i am shy or introvert which i don't even know myself but one thing for sure, i seldom talk to girls unless i know them very well. Usually, i don't talk to girls unless they talk to me first. Now, i have graduated from the university and i saw her on street one day with her boyfriend, i presume. She did not notice me but to me she still looks as attractive as it was 2 years ago. So,after some thoughts,together with my courage, i decide to email her. As you can see, we are not even friends initally. Now, I want to make friends with her, but she did not reply my email. Is it still possible for me and her to be together? Relationship expert, please help. Thank you/Merci/Gracias.

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maybe he is busy with some other things to be done or work to be done...

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Q: What does it mean when a guy doesnt respond to your emails?
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If a married guy and his ex mistress haven't spoken in 5 mths but she recently notice him looking at her a lot more so she decides to break the ice and send him a couple emails but he didnt respond y?

sometimes you misinterpret the signs. if he doesnt respond, he doesnt wanna talk to you.

When you tell a guy that someone made a rumor that he likes you and he doesnt respond what does that mean?

Maybe he does like you or he is just scared to respond, because he dosen't no how you think about him!

If a guy reads a message you sent him but doesnt respond does it mean he isn't interested?

Maybe. Or, he's lazy. Or, he doesn't know how to respond. Assuming won't get you anywhere. Trying sending him another when you feel ready.

Is it bad if a guy asks you out when his friends are around?

no. all it means is that he doesnt care how they respond to it

What does it mean when a guy hugs you tightly for 10 mins plus refusing to leave and then kisses you leaving you speechless and then doesnt reply to your texts or emails?

His phone was taken off him and so was his computer and he loves you.

What does it mean when a guy says you are lucky to be with him and you say to him the next day he is lucky to be with you and he doesnt respond?

well, it could mean alot of things, reading in between the lines is an acquired skill.... don't over think it though

What happens if a guy doesnt answer your emails?

guys are slow to respond, and generally do not like texting, emailing, talking on the phone. Guys have a hard enough trying to read girls and without seeing a girl it makes it harder on them without the nonverbal communication. It also could be because he is busy or not interested.

What if your guy friend is being all nice and flirting with you for a short time and then it he stops flirting with you and either talks normally or doesnt respond of talk at all what does that mean?

it could mean that maybe he has found something that he doesnt like about you, that was just playing you, or that something has happened that has made him want to keep his distance from you

You have a crush on a guy but he doesnt talk to you and he only emails you so what do you do?

he likes you but is shy so doesnt talk to you in person. guys dont email random girls. he probably doesnt hang out with girls and has a bunch of guy friends, so he doesnt want to make anything akward but randomly talking to a girl......he may like. try to get him to talk to you in person so you can find more about him so you can have a better guess if he likes you. or, you can get one of your friends to ask him who he likes or does he talk or who he emails to see if he emails you for fun, or because he wants to find away around talking to you in person, but still to talk to you.

This guy keeps on confusing me by texting me random things and he doesnt really talk to me in person what does this mean?

It usually means that he's really shy and it's easier to think of what he wants to say to you when he has more time to respond.

How do you know if the guy you like believes that you do like him?

give him the "i love you" treatment on day 1 (i hate this) if he says i love you, then he is just into your body.. or he is and he still loves u and doesnt know how to respond if he says i dont know, he doesnt know how to respond as he is an amatuer or doesnt want to hurt your feelings but this does not mean he will not like you in the future you have to work on it a bit more if he says no, ... well i dont know then he is gay i suppose b.c no one is stupid or mean or dumb enough to blurt out no on a test question like this

What does it mean when a guy 'makes moves' on you but doesnt ask you out?

it means that he is flirting with you.