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It means she likes you and and want you too to like her and if teen date her and kiss her on the lips for 13 seconds . Or it means she is trying to be smart and thinks that every boy adores her and want her picture . And the last one is that maybe she had written her address and time to come at her house and have fun which means sex sex sex sex sex sex and more hard sex have fun. Don't leave her unpained

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  • It could range from you asking her for them and she agrees to send some to her or could be because of her wanting to flirt and she wanting you to have pictures of her, perhaps thinking that you would put that as your background or somethin.
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Q: What does it mean when a girl sends picture to you?
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That he is cheap!

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Not really just ask her

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What does it mean when a girl haves a picture of you but you don't know?

it can mean anything most likely that she likes you but it doesn't have to mean that. if you don't know why or how she has the picture then if i were you i would worry =D

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