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This is a very serious problem. You might think that this is an innuendo for the male genitalia, however, that is false.

This is a rare disease also known as Jumping Frenchman. These diseases, syndromes and disorders don't feel 'rare' to the people and families afflicted with them. In fact there are thousands of people deeply affected by the 1000+ diseases covered in the National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD) database.

The question would be, "What does this disease/disorder do?"

The simple answer would be that the female afflicted cannot go within a centimetre of a banana, frog, latex or a lemur. Believe me, they are related. It's a long evolution system that would be too complex to explain. This of course means you cannot use any latex or satisfaction through bananas, frogs or lemurs. However, she still may want to sexually know you, so don't fret. Just discuss it with her and make sure she doesn't mean "Banana Issues" as this is commonly mistaken for "Banana Issuese"

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Q: What does it mean when a girl says she has banana issuese?
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