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As being a girl, I would have to say is that maybe she likes you. Or she may be embaressed to talk to you. But, we are assuming she likes you, what are you're feelings on her? If you like her then you should try and talk to her friends and see if she likes you. If she does then maybe you shouls ask her out. But don't assume. Wait and see.

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it either means she is ignoring you or she is embarres to look at you.

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Q: What does it mean when a girl looks down while talking to you?
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The girl whom you like dont look at you while talking she looks here and there?

She's not interested in you.

How can you tell if a girl fancies you?

usually she curls her hair with her finger while talking to you she looks directly into your eyes

If a guy is talking to a girl and he looks at you is it flirting?

Depends on the intent, but it could be. If he is talking to a girl but is constantly looking at you, then he's thinking about you and not the girl.

What does it mean if you're talking to a girl and their is a break in the conversation and she looks down but you keep looking at her she then looks back up smiles at me then giggles?

Im sure it means she likes you : ) or thinks ur cute

How do you make a girl loves me in classroom through looking?

First you need to look at her briefly, while the teacher is talking. Slowly, little by little make those looks a little longer. If she catches you at first, look down at your paper or at the teacher. A little later continue looking if she looks at you back. :) hope I help.

What does it mean when a girl kicks an empty bottle of water towards a guy while he is talking to his guy friend and then she looks at that guy?

i will answer your question with mine why would you want to know that

A girl is talking and flirting with a boy and the boy's friend looks at the girl an then shouts the boy's name several times while looking at the girl what does this mean about the boy who shouted?

hes trying to get you away from her! ~Ragg Doll~ >> any suggestions as to why he might have done that?

What do you do when you stall while talking to a girl you like?

just talk to her

How do you know if an ex boyfriend is trying to make you jealous?

I think when he's with the other girl or kinda talking to them, he looks at you sometimes when you look at him talking to them

What is Justin biebers favorite characteristic in a girl?

What Justin looks for in a girl is that she is funny and "down to earth".

What does it mean if a guy is talking to another girl but sometimes turns and looks at you while hes talking to her?

It might mean he's trying to get you jealous or wants to know if you're paying attention to him. He probably has a crush on you. He could simply be wondering why you're staring at him too.

What does it mean when a person looks down while speaking to others?

If it's a girl, it means they're trying to think of something, and when it's a boy, it means they probably like you!