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she wants you. BAD. and she wants everyone else to know that you're an item.


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It obviously means He likes you and wants to take it to the next level

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If he is your boyfriend, those hands had better be in your back pocket or you had better be looking for a different boyfriend that respects you.

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Q: What does it mean when a girl friend puts her hand in your back pocket?
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Where do females put their arm or hand when a mans arm is around your waist?

I know that it is kind of gross but a girl puts her hand on the guy's waist or in his back pocket.

If a girl puts her hand in the guy's front pocket and started to rub her hand on his leg is it a turn on?

If he likes her, definitely.

What does it mean when your girl friend puts her hand on top of yours?

to hold her hand.

How do you get a guy to put his hand in your back pocket?

You can suggest it in a playful way during a casual encounter, like "Hey, would you mind reaching into my back pocket for me?" If he's receptive, you can guide his hand towards your pocket gently. Remember to always respect boundaries and ensure both parties are comfortable with the interaction.

What if you want to hold a guys hand but his hands are always in his pocket?

Just tell him you would like to hold his hand. Take charge, take his hand out of his pocket and hold it tight! Stick you hand in his pocket and hold his hand in there

Who sang hand in pocket?

Brass in Pocket-Pretenders.

How can you keep your phone on you at a rough concert with out a zip pocket?

If ur girl down ur bra haha just hold it in ur hand!

What is the name of the video where dwight yoakam is with a girl on the beach?

The back of your hand.

What does it mean if a guy tries to put his hand in my back pocket?

It is not appropriate for a man to put his hands in your pockets. Either he is a pickpocket or a pervert.

As the Broadway lyric goes A kiss on the hand may be quite continental but what are a girl's best friend?


What does it mean when your 15 year old girl friend lets you put your hand down the back of her pants and your only 13?

Shes weird if she was normal she would touch your penis in the FRONT of your pants

What does it mean when a girl who is your friend holds your hand as you were playing hide and go seek with the rest of your friends?

it probably means she wants to be more than just your friend.