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1. It could mean that she is cold and wants a hug.

2. She likes you and wants you to hug her as an excuse just to be close to you.

3. Both.

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If you know the girl for a long time, that means she has a crush on you. If she or you is a new student, it is just a sign of saying welcome.

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because we like lots of affection

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it means he likes you

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Q: What does it mean when a girl comes up to you and starts hugging you?
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What does it mean when a girl hugs you in a dream?

Shes just hugging you?

What does it mean wean a girl moves closer to you wean you are hugging?

she probaly wants to kiss you

What does it mean when a guy lifts his leg up while hugging a girl?

Probably nothing.

Can a girl get pregnant if a guy comes inside of her but she starts bleeding the same day?

if you mean bledin as in period then no shes not, but if it was just light spotting then yes it is possible.

There is a girl that you like and she is always hugging you and smiling at you in class and she also laughs when you do stupid stuff does it mean she likes you?

it can do she might be flirying with you have a go at flirting back :-)

The girl I like hugs another guy while he is standing next to me. This guy is one of my friends. What does this mean. Does the girl like me or not?

are you a male or a female>?? if u are a guy...then maybe the girl likes the you other guy friend standing next to you... because she is hugging him and not you... look at her behaviour.... was she trying make you jealous of hugging the other guy>?... and do you also like the girl... and does she or she does'nt?

What does abrazandome mean in English?

hugging me

What does zantreal leverston mean?

A boy who likes a girl who starts with a J or K he might be able to be friends with a boy that starts with a T and can hate a girl that starts with a JU.

What does that mean if a guy always wants to make a girl jealous by hugging any girl he knows around her?

Obviously, if he is doing that, he just wants attention from you.Try doing something special for him. *

What does it mean when a guy keeps hugging you?

Most likely when a guy keeps hugging you it means they like you or they want to get closer to you

What if a girl hugs you but hugs a lot of people does that mean she likes you?

If she hugs a lot of people including you, do not take it as a hint.

What is the sentence of hugging in conscious behavior?

By hugging you mean embracing? It would require someone to be conscious to embrace or at least aware of it.