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SHE'S FLIRTING WITH YOU!!!! Well it depends she struting and flipping her hair? Does she touch your desk with her hand? Does she wave at you and giggle to her friends when she leaves? Or is it just the fastest way to her desk? Does she ignore you? Well there really isn't a straight out answer dude sorry. I'm a girl and have used this manuvre and have had people thought i was when i wasn't it could go either way. Try waving to her in the morning and see how she reacts...good luck! Another person adding on: I think that she likes you unless she sits near you. She probably wants you to check out her ass. Take a look, but you should probably do it sly enought that when she turns around you're still looking but not gawking. :) Lmaoo.

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Q: What does it mean when a Girl constaly walk past a guys desk?
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He likes your looks.

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Sadly, there are some guys that do care if a girl has a perfect body. That doesn't mean every guy is like that.

What does it mean when the wrong guys are attracted to a girl?

it may mean that the girl is attracting the wrong type herself by what she is doing/saying or wearing. generally guys are attracted at first by the way the girl looks and if she is sending the wrong messages then the wrong guys will notice her more than the right guy

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They probably like them!<3

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It means shes probably a lesbian

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He is falling in love with her

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the guys are interested in you and not her because shes probably doing too much for their liking.

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