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Probably or they are a weird creepy person but probably

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Q: What does it mean wean a guy and girl talks for 1 hour in half almost everyday an IAM would that mean a guy likes her?
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Would a guy talk to you if he likes you?

If a guy talks to you a lot then he does like you. But do not misunderstand there is frequent talking and then there is just a hello and bye where a guy talks to you when he wants something for you. When a guy talks to you when he wants he aint interested but continued talking with you means he likes you.

If a boy talks about relationships but are not going out would tht mean he likes me?

yes... it totally means that

What to do if your boyfriend still likes his ex but he likes you as well?

I would tell him that if he wants to be with you to stop talkin to her and that if he talks or hangs out with her he dont rele care about yall, and it will be over

If a guy calls you everyday does that mean he likes you?

He probably likes you as a friend or co-worker/student. Just because a guy talks to you doesn't mean that he wants to get involved in a committed relationship. It's ok to be friends and not date.

If 2 guys likes u that are taken n one talks about how he doesn't get along with his girl and wants 2 leave her n the other guy hardly ever talks about his girl which 1 would u trust and likes u more?

neither but if i had to pick i would pick the one that is leavin his gurf r gurl

What would you think if a guy likes to meet up with girls that he talks to online all the time?

That he either likes them all and he's trying to figure out who he like likes or he just likes them as friends or he's not looking 4 a relationship just 1 date and done

Does a guy like you if he is a jerk to you but he says the sweetest things and sometimes talks to you at school?

First off, more information would be very helpful. If you look good, he probably wants to sleep with you. If he talks to you alot he probably likes you.

What does that mean if the guy you liked before said that you would be his long term friend and you would have to hug him everyday after you confessed to him that you liked him?

I think he likes you! :D

If a guy tells you he likes you but never talks to you and never txts back does he like you or not?

By the info probably not. Because if he did like you he would text to u and talk to you.

How do you know a guy wants to get with you when he has told you that he likes you?

When he talks about sex with you. When I was talking to a guy, he flat out said "would you ever get with me?" but they usually talk about sexual things.

Is there any way to find out if someone likes you besides telling anyone you like them?

Well I like a boy who likes me, he talks to me often, I giv him gifts so does he sometimes! and he often stares at me! But I would start a conversation with them. Find out what he likes and what u hav in common.

Do guys talk a lot about the girl he likes to his friends?

The answer is yes but be careful. If the guy talks about a girl a lot, it could either mean he likes her or finds her annoying. The best way is to ask his guy friends if he likes the girl. It would not be on the spot for either person in the siutation.