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It means that if you can't figure out the directions, you should probably kill yourself.

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Q: What does it mean to take 4 caplets per serving?
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What does in take mean?

Intake means the amount of air, food or other substance that is taken into the body. The word intake is often used of how much food should be eaten per serving.

What does it mean when calories equal 110?

It means that the food or drink at hand has 110 caloires per that serving. That is in the medium-amount range for caloires for one serving.

What does per cap in the food service industry mean?

It's short for 'per capita' which means 'per person'. In food service, it's the cost of a serving per meal per person

What is a serving of chicken drums?

I give 4 per serving

Does sugars 5 grams per serving mean sugar free?

No, 0 grams means sugar free.

Is 2 grams of sugar high per serving?

No, 2 g of sugar per serving is not high.

Does strawberries have more than 2 grams of fat per serving?

One serving of strawberries has around 4.5 grams of fat per serving

What does per serving mean?

Generally, a calorie / nutritional label with list foods as the amounts per serving. That means that those nutritionalamounts will be what is found in one serving of that product, as many packages will contain multiple products or numerous servings. The size of a serving can vary greatly depending on what type fo food it is. Usually, servings are in measuments of grams or cups.

What is amount of sugar in can of regular Pepsi?

A can of pepsi has 41g of sugar per serving(1 serving size per can)

How many grams of whip cream per serving?

The grams of whip cream per serving is 10 Grams.

How many ounces are in one serving?

the answer is 8 oz per serving.

The label on the box of breakfast cereal list one serving as containing 200 calories per serving how many calories are actually in one serving?

If one serving contains 200 calories, then there should be 200 calories per serving...