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to slime on someone is another way of saying to ejaculate or release your sperm
on someone's face and/or body

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Q: What does it mean to slime on someone?
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What does the slang word slime mean?

Slime is just a slippery substance, like gelatin for instance. A slang usage would be to call someone slime. In that case, it means a disgusting person. Example: "Did you hear about that piece of slime who exposed himself at the party?"

Slime ball liar?

If someone is a slime ball liar, it's best to stay away from them. You do not want to associate with someone like this, as it can affect yourself.

Is scrach 'n' snff's den of doom real?

Well if you mean do they get eaten.No they dont. If you mean they fall into a pool of slime..Yes they do. I know someone who was on it haha!!!

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i mean i know it is called slime activator but for saline and contact solution you use baking soda and slime activator you don't so the real question is can you use baking soda with slime activator

What does is mean when there is slime in your underwear?

If there is slime in your underwear, you may have a vaginal discharge which may look like a translucent or white slime. Discharge is completely normal and helps flush out bacteria in the vagina.

What do slime molds form in order to reproduce?

Someone hasn't been cleaning under the skin.

Can someone tell you how to make slime or putty or goo without borax cornstarch.?


What rhyming words mean green fungus?

lime slime

What does Leo mean in Irish?

leo = with-them. It can also mean 'slush, slime'.

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Synthesize a king slime and a king cure slime. King Slime=(slime+slime)+(slime+slime) King Cureslime=Megalodon+(any slime, B rank I think) GOOD LUCK!

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Nickelodeon Slime Ball toys can be purchased online from a few different websites. As they are rarer toys, they can only be easily found on Amazon and eBay.

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no they need slime. if its a slime alien it needs slime. that's why its called a slime alien. but it will grow in jelly too though