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I did not receive a doctorate for my knowledge about this subject, but I have been diagnosed with schizophrenic tendencies. Although it sounds really bad...especially since a lot of times schizophrenic "tendencies" lie in the paranoia aspect of schizophrenia, which would make me assume that you, just as I, have already had anxiety that this is potentially worse than what is being isn't an end-all statement about you or your personality.

I was told that my "tendencies" are a cause of my detail oriented mindset, which causes anxiety and can manifest itself in a manner consistent with "schizophrenic tendencies". This, by all means, does NOT mean that you are schizophrenic. I am negative about things in life more often than not as well. The MMPI-2 test that I took marked me down for "depression" because of it as well.

So, for you to display schizophrenic tendencies means nothing more than what it says. You lean towards a schizophrenic mentality. If it manifests itself too much, it is very noticable and should probably be reviewed by a psychologist or counselor. Don't think about it by yourself for too long, though. Just like I have schizophrenic tendencies, other people have very narcissistic tendencies. That doesn't make them narcissistic necessarily.

You have to take the tests and evaluations with a grain of salt. The test only shows information for the questions that were answered. It cannot fill in the gaps of years of human interaction and development, and it certainly cannot fill in the gaps of your life that weren't offered up in any of the questions. It can only suggest that there might be areas of your personality that have a history to be more closely looked at...more of like a finger pointing towards that part of your personality.

Hope this helps!

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It refers to a mental disease.

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Q: What does it mean to have Schizophrenic Tendencies?
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Dementia is a terrifying affliction that affects the brains processes. The mind begins to lose the ability to retain or remember information. Schizophrenic tendencies and odd behaviors will also be noted.

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