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It means both people (mutual) only date each other which involves staying faithful. However it needs to be talked about to make sure you both agree because it may mean different things to different people.

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Q: What does it mean to be in a mutually exclusive relationship?
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Which one is more convienent mutually exclusive or non mutually?

It must be "mutually exclusive" since "non mutually" does not even mean anything!

What does the term 'mutually exclusive' mean?

The term mutually exclusive refers to 2 or more events of incidents, in which the happening of one event precludes the happening of the other. Mutually exclusive can be applied less formally to the dating world, in which a couple who has been dating become more serious, and therefore mutually exclusive with one another.

What does 'not mutually exclusive of one another' mean?

If two events ARE mutually exclusive, then it means that they can not both happen simultaneously. For example, if we flip a coin, it can only be heads or tails, not both. an example of not mutually exclusive events are strong winds and rain. it could be strong wind, or rain, or both.

What are mutually exclusive projects?

Mutually exclusive projects means that the acceptance of one project eliminates the others fromconsideration. Projects are said to be mutually exclusive when tehy cannot be undertaken simultaneously.

What is the definition of mutually exclusive events?

The definition of mutually exclusive events is that the events can't occur at the same time. For example, you can't flip a coin and get a head and a tail; they are mutually exclusive events.

What does mutually exclusive events mean?

It means that if one of the events happens the other cannot.

Which is more important to the systems components classification schemes that the list be comprehensive or mutually exclusive?

mutually exclusive and comprehensive

What does the expression mutually exclusive mean?

Mutually exclusive means if one thing is true the other must be false and vice versa.If A is true, B is false. If B is true, A is false.For instance,The ball was totally red.The ball was totally blue.These are mutually exclusive because the ball can only be one or the other.The ball was red.The ball was blue.These are NOT mutually exclusive because the ball could also be red AND blue.

Which type of button or box gives a mutually exclusive coice?

A dialog box offers a mutually exclusive choice.

What are some example sentences using mutually?

War and peace are mutually exclusive.

In maths What is Mutually exclusive probability?

Mutually exclusive means they are independent of one another. So, the two events are independent of one another.

If two events A and B are mutually exclusive then they are independent?

No, independence means they are not related. Mutually exclusive means they cannot occur at the same time.