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It doesn't mean anything. Normally people would say that a if your hand is bigger than your face it means that you have cancer, but it is all a lie. It's just a joke so when the person puts their hand over there face to try it, you can slap them on the face

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โˆ™ 2010-10-18 06:13:13
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Q: What does it mean if your hand is bigger than your face?
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Is it true that if your hand is bigger than your face you have cancer?

that doesn't mean anything. It's just a joke so that people can hit you in your face when you try to put your hand over your face.

If your hand is bigg?

If your hand is bigger than your face, what you need to do is place it on your face firmly when you are around someone else. Then, you must say "Look, my hand is bigger than my face!" Feel free to return with any additional questions about the matter.

How many vains do you have?

if youre hand is bigger than your face you have cancer. BOOM!!! btw boobies

Do you really get cancer if your hand is bigger than your face?

only if Zac Attack says so!

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It doesn't mean a single thing. Next question . . .

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yes one human hand is bigger than the other

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the moon is closer................ 4 example........... i can cover a whole building with my hand if my hand is closer to my face than the building, even though the building is bigger than my hand........................ get it?

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Why is my hand bigger than your face?

This is because when you sunbath to much you're body grows and this is the 15th sign that you have skin cancer. (this is not true I really not sure.)

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