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You always dream, but you do not always remember what you dreamed about, therefore it makes your conscience mind think that you did not have one, when in fact you did.

Hope I helped :D The question simply states possibly not able to dream. The answer is that in my theory, (The caveman saw a boulder rolling down a hill. Then the next day he sees a tree trunk rolling down the same hill. That night he has a dream about those two things rolling nonstop together. He woke up with an idea on how to combine the boulder and the tree trunk to invent a way to transport things in a more enhanced way.) According to this theory the caveman was able to understand how to use his life events to be used to create a new idea. If he was unable to dream he would naturally find a new technique to replace it. So if you dont dream you just unfortunately cant use dreaming as a source of knowledge gaining technique. However all fantasy will be removed from life. Which could ultimately mean you only are able to focus on fact or reality, that eliminates all flaws of distraction upon growth and evolution of the mind.

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Generally it means you do not remember that you were dreaming. A lot of people don't.

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it can happen with a vitamin B6 deficiency.

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Q: What does it mean if you don't dream?
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