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It's a way of saying that your actions are slightly funny/strange but in a familiar way or manner unique to you the person they are friends with.

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Q: What does it mean if someone say got to love you?
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What if someone say they got love for you?

Mean they care about you but are not In Love with you

What does it mean if a man says 'he's got love' for someone but he will not actually say he loves her or is in love with her?

a sign of loyalty.

What does it mean when you tell someone you love them but all they say is oooo?

They either don't love you, or they aren't ready to say it.

What is meant by I really fabricates you?

Its mean to like someone or you can say love.

When someone says they love you in a dream?

whan someone say i lovee u in a dream what does it mean

What does a guy mean when he say his heart belong to someone?

Euphemism for in love with someone else, i.e. taken.

When someone tell you they love you and say your name do they mean it?

yes and no because if that person mean like friendship then no but if that person truly love you then yes

What to say to someone to tell them you are in love with them?

I Love You (name). Wrong, i think you should let the person know how you feel , and how you know your in love with them. Because if you just say i love you , then it technically doesnt mean your "in love" with them .

What does he mean when he says that he still got love for you?

That could mean anything really but, he might just still fancy you in someway.

What does it mean when she say she got someone shes dilling with?

It means she's been having her eye on someone or has been having sex with someone.

What does it mean when someone calls you darling?

Well... Darling means love so I have to say it mean that person loves you

What do you have to say when a woman says she loves you?

You've got to either say I love you or sorry I don't love you. Really it depends on who the woman is, is it a friend, stranger, classmate or someone who admirers you? How do you feel about her?