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The term "hovering over you" refers to the action one is doing when they are following or staying close to someone ready to interfere or try to advise them.

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Q: What does it mean if someone is hovering over you?
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Is hovering an adverb?

No. Hovering is a verb form or noun (gerund). The adverb "hoveringly" refers to the action of (someone) "hovering" over a person or activity in a desire to be helpful.

What does hovering over mean in computer?

It just means to hold your mouse over something.

What does covering the brake pedal mean?

Hovering your foot over the brake without actually pressing on the brake

What is a sentence for hovering?

The strange craft was hovering above the city.She began hovering, as if by magic.

Does hovering mean to stay in one place?


How do you get the clocks to go slower in the haunted house?

You make a clock go slower by hovering over the other clock, and make it go faster by hovering over the specific clock.

What is the difference between monitoring and hovering?

Hovering is being around and going around. (The helicopter hovered over the desert) Monitoring is hovering with a hint of surveillance. (The teacher monitored the kids while they were finishing the testing)

What should someone do for a science fair invention?

You could do floating plates! Put strong, opposing magnets on the table and plate and there you go! It's hovering over the ground.

What does it mean when someone called you a vulture?

Generally calling someone a vulture is a metaphorical way of insulting them. It is a way of saying they are a carrion feeder (an eater of the dead), metaphorically speaking a reference to a person's tendency, real or perceived, of hovering over another person waiting for them to fail at some task, so that person can take over and claim any credit for success.

How do you put 'hovering' in a sentence?

Is that a hummingbird hovering? How does a helicopter achieve its' hovering ability? Lounge lizards are hovering about the food bar.

What hip hop stands for?

Highly intellectual people hovering over politics

Is the sun was a bright orange disc hovering over the sea a metaphor?

Yep! :)