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It means that there is more than one correct answer and you are to put a check mark next to all of the correct ones.

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Q: What does it mean if it tells you to check all that apply?
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For any item to "apply" means it has some truth or bearing on THAT specific situation. So if a job application asks for shifts of hours you can work, it might have 3 that do NOT apply to you and 2 that DO apply to you. However, if I was filling out the same application, all of them might be okay (might apply) to me and my situation. Tests often assess how much you know on a topic--or can be trick questions, too. "Check all that apply" means to look for and check what is TRUE for that question or topic. As an example: Which of these states border the Pacific Ocean Check all that apply-- A North Carolina B Florida C Washington D Oregon E California You would then choose the ones that are "true" for this question.

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