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it's a gesture of affection..

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Q: What does it mean if he patted your back twice?
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What is a patted bra?

There is no such thing as a patted bra. If you mean padded bra its a bra that has little pads in it to make your breasts look bigger.

Do Muslim women get scanned or patted down at TSA checkpoints?

Yes, it is a security check! They would be patted down by women.

Why is dirt shoveled over the hole for the imu and patted down?

why is dirt shoveled over the hole for the imu and patted down

What is the past tense of pat?

The past tense of "pat" is "patted."

What is Thurgood Marshall famous for?

Marshalls famous for being famous he likes to be patted on the back time to time again and if he can be umphed he'll appreciate that to.

Who is the fan who patted Hank Aaron on the back rounding 2nd base after he hit number 715?

The two teenage boys that patted Hank Aaron on the back after 715 were Britt Gaston and Cliff Courtney, both of Waycross, Georgia. Both were apprehended and sent to jail. Gaston's parents were also at the game and went down to the jailhouse and bailed both boys out.

Is patted a concrete noun?

noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo b****es

What is past tense for pat?

The past tense is patted.

What does degorge mean?

Degorge means is to sprinkle vegetables with salt to eliminate water. Eggplant for example is generally salted and patted dry before cooking.

What does the name Patsy mean?

because in the old days someone who was patted on the bum a lot was named patsy so here it is the meaning of the name patsy!

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What does that mean if the guy you like faces you to sit in class twice and always stares at you till you look back?

It could mean that he is interested in you and feels a connection. His actions suggest that he wants to engage with you and is trying to make eye contact to show his interest. If you are interested in him too, consider starting a conversation next time he looks at you.