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He is infatuated with you!!! He likes your smell,!!! And wants you, trust me i am right with this

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Q: What does it mean if he leans into you to smell the perfume on your neck?
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How do you smell nice?

First you should have a bath or shower, then put maybe a little perfume on your neck and wrist. That should help coz that is what i do lol! Hope that helps :)

Where is the best places to spray perfume on your body?

Around your neck and on your wrists, i think are the best places for perfume.

Where could one purchase Musk perfume?

It depends on how 'musky' you want to smell - if you want to perfume-bomb yourself, apply it to your clothing and mist your skin with it. If you just want a hint of musk, put it on your pulse points - that is, your wrists and neck.

Your rabbit likes to lick your neck will your perfume harm your rabbit?

It depends on the perfume, but cole young at the chs always kisses and gets jiggy with bunnys and his perfume don't bother them.

My neck itches a lot and i have no external signs. what can it be?

It very well could be perfume applied to your neck. Try not applying it to your neck. I speak from my own experience. -Mame-

Will a girl give me a second chance if I don't give her a good first kiss?

If you want to give her a good first kiss on the lips, try leading up ro it by kissing her neck first. I f she's wearing perfume, ask her what perfume she's wearing? Then followup by asking her if youcan have A CLOSER SMELL. iF she agrees, move closer and kiss her neck. See what happens. If she does not react negitively, continue up her neck until your lips meet hers. If she really likes you she will not worry about how you kiss.

How do you put on perfume?

You pick up the bottle and take the perfume and put it kinda close to your neck and squirt it and put your head up so it dosent get on your face why youre squirting it u can also spray above your head to get your hair to smell like it

Who was the model for charlie perfume who had neck or spine cancer?

Lauren Hutton

What is the correct way to apply perfume?

For a subtle scent, put a little bit in your palm and rub it all over your neck, wrists, or body. For a heavier scent, dab some behind your ears. If it's the type that sprays, spray it around your head. You can dab a bit on your neck or wrists as well. If it's a body spray, body splash, or body mist, just spray it all over your body for a subtle scent. You can use a body mist in addition to a perfume, by itself, or a perfume by itself. For a finishing touch, spray the fragrance in the air and walk into the mist. It's a fun little thing to do if you have an inexpensive perfume. If it's an expensive perfume, stick with dabbing small amounts behind ears or on your neck. If you're using a deodorant just rub the stick under your armpits. Hope this helps! -Beepbubby10

What does regal neck mean?

it means your neck is royal

How do you perfume?

Usually people just spray, pressing the top of the bottle, to their clothes or direct contact to the skin. In proper manner, perfume should be sprayed, on the skin,on both wrist, right under the palm, then rubbing both wrist with perfume sprayed on them, then to each side of the neck. Or spray it all over..

What does the expression millstone round your neck mean?

Ring your neck.