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If someone says that to you, it most likely means that they really want you in their life because they care very much for you. They do not want to spend their life without you being a part of it.

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It means he has the hots for you.

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Q: What does it mean if a man says he can't live without you?
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What does it mean when your husband says he can live without you?

It means that he doesn't need you

What does it mean when the man you are seeing off and on for a while says he cannot live with you and cannot live without you?

He says he cant live with u or without u. this means he is having a problem between u and he is having trouble fixing it. But also he is so in love with u that he wants to some how work it out. He loves u but he hates you at the same time i guess

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i want to know why my husband likes having female friend eventhough he says he loves me and cant live without me

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What does it mean if a girl says she cannot live without you and then when you try to get close to her she does not seem to like you at all?

maybe she is a good friend and meant it in a friend way.

What does a boy mean when he says he wants to love you but he cant?

He likes you but doesn't want to or he has a girlfriend.

What does it mean when your boyfriend says he loves you but he's not in love with you?

he can live without youwhen your boyfriend says he loves you but he is not in love with you he means he cares about you a lot just like family members and long time friends do,he is also implying that he doesn't necessarily feel like he cant be without you. it does not mean the relationship doesn't mean a lot to him but it could be that he is not exactly planning ahead ( long term) in terms of the relationship. he wants to be with ya 4 a long time but he needs some space so don't take it hurtfully but take it as a compliment

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