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I think this means he's scared that he'll get made fun of by your friends and that your friends might tell you. It also might mean that he's scared that your friends don't like him and are going to make you not like him as well.

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Q: What does it mean if a guy is really clingy to you he says to his guy friends he likes me but when any of my friends ask he says no whats going on?
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How can you tell if a man likes you or likes you as a friend?

There is a bold line when it comes to being friends, getting to know you first, and actually attracted to you. Observe how they interact with friends and apply that to yourself and see if it matches. If they have a gross sense of humor and they use it around you then your probably labelled as a friend, but that is not always the case. Friends will usually be not as clingy as a potential partner. But all guys are different and it is really up to you to decide. Hope that helps.

What to do when a clingy guy likes you?

Answer If the guy is clingy then very probably he loves you to death, if you like or love the guy in question, cling back.

You like this girl she says she likes you but never wants to go out with you what do you do?

Get to know her ALOT! Talk to her every chance you get , but don't get clingy! No girl likes a clingy guy!! Just text her occasionaly, talk to her in person some.

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What does it mean if this guy tells you he really likes you and he has told his friends but sometimes he ignores you?

It means he REALLY likes you. Maybe even LOVE.

What do you do if a guy really acts like he likes you and has even said so but has so many friends and doesn't always have time for you. Would it be clingy to feel neglected?

Just tell him that you want to spend more time together, and that his friends may come too. He may just feel awkward at sometimes and feels that he can always just turn to his buddies. It is normal and don't worry you are not clingy you just care for him and want to get to know him better, that is how i would look at it!Good Luck!

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REALLY close friends? like, SUPER close? how about friends with benefits?

What is going on if you are really into this girl and she acts like she likes you but constantly denies it turns you down and dates all of your friends?

Sounds like she does not like you but is trying to be polite.

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How do you deal with a clingy annoying whiny guy that likes you but you dont like him?

yes there is a guy who likes me and always right poems about me that are very depressing and its honestly getting old. i thought we could be just friends but than he will get all moody and like i said write poems. should i try to be friends with him or ignore him completly???