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It most likely means he wants to sleep with you.

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Q: What does it mean if a guy gave you his number after knowing you were interested in him but he has a girlfriend?
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I met this girl at a party last night she gave me her number but i don't know if she's interested or not how do i know if she was interested?

im a girl so i should know. shes obviously interested if she gave u her #

A Girl gave me her phone number and seems kind of interested in me does she want me to or expecting me to call her?

When a girl gives you her number out of the blue that usually means she is interested in you and would like you to call her.

Is it normal to get a guys number and dream about him after?

Yes it is normal if you get a young man's number and dream of him after because you probably are very interested in him and excited he gave out his number.

What would you think if a guy you met once called you and you never gave him your number?

He was interested enough to ask someone about you.

Does Vicente Rodriguez have a girlfriend?

Yes. Vicente's girlfriend gave birth to a daughter in May of 2009.

What should you name the teddy bear your girlfriend gave you?


What song to dedicate to your girlfriend?

god gave me you by blake shelton

What if a gave me a bracelet not very expensive but beautiful and we are only friends. Is this a hint he's interested in more then friends?

Yes he is interested in you!!!!!my guy friend gave me a bracelet and now we are happily in love.

What is the adjective from knowledge?

The adjective of know is knowing. For instance, "When she asked if he would be alright, he gave her a knowing look". Another adjective form is all knowing, as in "Nothing gets by our all knowing professor"

You broke up with your girlfriend - should you return the gifts she gave you?

NO they were gifts!

When is it good to make contact again after you ask a girl to call you?

Never. There's a reason she didn't call you. Especially you gave your number and she stored it in her phone. She's not interested. Move on.

I gave her my number and she has not called yet?

She might be afraid to call you, because she doesn't think she'll know what to say. Try calling HER. Start a conversation, and let her know you're interested in her.