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Girls are confusing....

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Q: What does it mean if a girl talks to you a lot on social media but avoids you at school?
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Soo there's this girl and we've been talking on Facebook for a little over a year you don't talk at school like at all And I thought that the reason that she never talks to me is cause she doesn'?

If you talk on social media and not at school... It doesn't sound like a healthy friendship. Try talking to her at school. The longer you leave it, the worse. If she doesn't want to talk in person, tell her (in person or over social media) that you don't want to just talk over social media and if that means not talking to her... Hopefully, she wont be a b***h and will actually talk to you.

When a girl talks in school is it always about school?

no not always No when a girl talks in school it is not always about school.

A guy talks 2 u when his friends r not around he smiles slightly when he sees u and throws paper balls at u nd pretends he didnt do it but when you try 2 talk 2 him he kinda avoids it does he like you?

Well when you said his friends are not around he talks to you that means he is either ashamed of you or not interested in you and he avoids you at the same time means he's no good.

Very good signs that an ethiopian boy likes you?

1. If he stares at you 2. if he talks to his friends about you 3. sometimes avoids you on purpose , but not in a mean way but in a shy manor

What do you do if your boyfriend hardly talks to you at school?

then you talk to him

Does he know that you like him wiki answer personale because if he doesnt then you will never know if it would have worked out right?

well, if he avoids you or talks to you a lot, yes. If neither, than no. Just talk to him.

What is so great about the Social Network movie?

It talks about how Facebook was created.

What does it mean if a guy talks to everyone but avoids talking to you if he already knows you like him?

The man may no talk back to the woman he knows likes him because me may not feel the same way about her.

What rhymes with drama that talks about school?

Llama that sh*ts in the pool.

Say a guy likes a girl and the girl knows that he likes her and she likes him back but she feels as if he doesnt like her because he avoids her constatnly and never talks to her...what should she do?

When the boy avoids a girl that is one sign that he likes that girl or he just might not want to be near her or in contact that is a sign that he likes you but he doesn't like to be around you every second or minute

What is the name of the movie that talks about the creation of facebook?

I think its called The Social Network, and was made in 2010.

There this guy I went to school with who talks to me everyday. How do I know if he likes me?

You know he likes you because he talks to you everyday. Any more ridiculous questions? ~OT