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It means the girl likes you.

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Q: What does it mean if a girl keeps looking at you while walking past you?
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What if a girl keep on looking at you getting jealous of girls walking with you keep on doing things so that you notice her but whenyoutalked to hershe told you she justwant us tobefrndzwhatdoesitmean?

she likes you but she needs time so just be her friend for a while and see what happens.

What does it mean when a college girl blushes smiles and giggles while looking away and saying hi to you?

this college girl likes you so much for she have the guts to confront you and say hi to you while blushing and smiling.. :) or she is naturally shy when she talks to others..:)

How do you know when a teen girl is flirting with you?

how do you knoe if a teen girl is flirting with you iz a stupid If a teen girls does all these things to you then she is flirting with you: blow a kiss at you try to impress you all the time keeps looking at you smiles at you keeps talking about you touching your a**(if your a lesban den that happen) and last thing iz winking or blinking her eyes at you thats all i can say:

Girlfriend keeps secrets why?

so that you will not run into the arms of another girl friend.

How do guys stare at you when they like you?

I am a guy myself and i like a girl in my school. Most of the time i look at her when she is not looking, and when she turns around i go back to doing what i was. if he is looking at u all the time and i am looking at him all the time is there a chance he does like u and this boy told everyone tht he looks at me because i am a freak i dnt know if he did tht but my freind said but he never said tht to me but from this day he keeps on looking at me?

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How do you know when a girl like you but keeping it cool?

She keeps looking at you when your not looking.

Are mindless behavior looking for a famous girl or a girl out there who keeps it real?

a girl out there who keep it real

What if a girl keeps looking at you?

maybe she has no where else to look or she likes you.

Does a girl like you if she looks at you for a while and then looks away but then keeps looking at you again and again?

yeah probably, she is obviously attracted to you if she won't stop looking at you, unless there was something on your face

How come this guy has a girl and he keeps looking at you?

He might want something from you.

How do you know when a girl is falling in love with you?

She keeps looking at you, and never stops talking about you!

How do you know that a girl is falling in love with you?

She keeps looking at you, and never stops talking about you!

How can you tell if a girl likes you even a little bit?

she keeps looking at u

How can u tell a girl likes u?

If she keeps following U & fights with U all the time & you can know that a girl likes U if she keeps on looking at U. : )

What does it mean whenever I stare at this girl she always keeps looking down?

that means she is a nice girl. or may be she is not interested in you.

Does a girl like you if she constantly keeps looking at you but when you look she looks away?

yes then there totally into you

How do you know if a girl is obsessed with a guy?

The girl keeps following the man and spying on him. Sometimes you can see the girl whispering to some friends and looking at you

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