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Maybe he likes you?

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Q: What does it mean if a boy looks at you for a minute but then you turn away?
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What do you mean by recycle the power?

Turn off for a few minute and turn back on

What will you do if your crush looks at you?

all i do is look for about, 2 seconds, and then turn away... lol

What does it mean if you turn around and you catch a guy looking at you and he looks away dead quick?

he likes you It means he likes what he sees. If you like him, give him your number, if you don't, slap him.

What does the yield right away mean?

It means it was your right to turn?

What doesa irresistible mean?

It means attractive and you can't turn away.

What do you do if a nerd looks at you and says i like hot dogs?

Either offer to buy him some or turn around and walk away.

What disco song has lyrics turn away turn away turn away turn away turn away?

BRONSKI BEAT - Smalltown Boy

If the same girls keep looking at you and does that mean they like you?

Depends. Are they mean looks? Or does she look at you and then look away if she sees you look at her? If it's the second one most likely yes she does like you. ^ yeah shes interested u in way and wants to know about you... if she looks at u then turn back when she gets caught, then she probs thinks ur cute.

If a guy likes you would he playfully step on your feet and if you turn around and you catch him looking at you he looks away to the conner?

most likely yes.

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Why when you turn around you notice a guy staring at you and then he looks away quickly and pretends he was itching his face?

Because he doesn't want you to know hes looking at you

What it mean when a guy says you are thinking of doing MS?

Drugs. Turn around and walk away.