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it really just means that you are living with someone but your not romantically linked to said person

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alll dem lesbian hoochies but scissoring the crap out of eachothers twats and be togetha 4 eva

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Q: What does in a domestic relationship mean?
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What does Domestic Relations mean?

A domestic relations means living as a married couple or family, regardless of any legal relationship.

What does it mean when your in a domestic relationship?

A domestic relationship typically refers to a relationship involving cohabitating partners who are romantically or intimately involved. It implies sharing a home, responsibilities, and a level of emotional and physical intimacy.

What does domestic relationship mean?

A domestic relationship typically refers to a relationship between people who live together or have an intimate partnership, but are not legally married. It can encompass various types of relationships, such as romantic partners, family members, or roommates, who share a living space and may have mutual responsibilities.

What is a domestic relationship?

A domestic relationship is when the man or the women love to fight, it may be a drinking problem or some kind of controlled substance involved.

What is a D D relationship?

dd=domestic discipline

What is domestic interdependence?

Domestic: of or involving the home or familyInterdependenceis a relationship in which each member is mutually dependent on the others.

What is a domestic judgment?

what is domestic judgment mean?

Defention about domestic violence?

Domestic Violence is any sort of violence caused to one's partner in a matrimonial relationship or live in relationship or any form of domestic relationship. Domestic violence can be any sort of mental or physical torture. Domestic violence causes a great trauma to victim as the victim feels unsafe in his own house. If one needs more details they can approach to siddhartha shah and associates on 093222 86663.

What is a stable domestic relationship?

A good relationship between two people that live under the same roof.

What are the effects of domestic violence in relationship to economic inequality?

it shows that the abuser tries to be the more dominant in the relationship.

What should you not do when in an abusive relationship?

You Should Not Stay In That Relationship.

What is a demostic relationship?

Basically a domestic relationship is when the two people in the relationship love to fight, which is because they have prombles with achol, drugs smoking etc.