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it means that he/she wants to have sex or "Make Love " with you

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Q: What does i want to do you mean?
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What does it mean when your ex says I want you?

It mean's he Want's to Get back together Or he want's have sex with you.

What does bonzoi mean?

Bonzoi mean authoring and publishing what you want, when you want to.

What does we don't want to be eaten out there mean?

What does "We don't want to be aten out there" mean

What does it mean when a girl says she want to drag you?

it mean that she think she all that but she not . it also mean that she want to fight you .

What does the English word want mean in Spanish?

Do you mean how do you say want in Spanish? The word "want" doesn't mean anything in Spanish because it is an English word. In spanish the infinitive "to want" is querar. I want is yo quiero.

Do friends be mean because they want it?

Well yes they be mean because they are jealous they want to do it sooooooo bad that they be mean!

What does where do you want it first mean?

where do you want his **** first

What does they want your blood mean?

they want you dead

You want a mean dog?

No, you really don't. You may want a dog that protects you and your family, but you don't want a mean dog.

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Do You Mean WILL, Or Want? If WANT I Want To Be A Cat Or A Wolf. They Seem Like The Free Species. If You Mean Will, Defintley The Human.

What does it mean I do want to be close to you?

"I want to be close to you" could mean that they want to know you, they want to hold you, they want to be involved more. They want your guys' relationship to be "closer"

What does Quidam mean?

Quidam means what you want it to mean ,like it might mean Dreams, love any thing you want it to!