What does hit it with you mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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hit it with u is the same comparison as kick it with you which means lets hang out him me up call me lets keep in touch so just a slang word 4 lets hang out

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Q: What does hit it with you mean?
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What does it mean when your boyfriend says can i hit?

ask him hit who?

What does getting a hit mean when applying for perc card?

What does getting a hit mean when applying for a perc card

What does it mean if you hit a crow but it lives?

It does not mean anything.

What does it mean means?

well like (i mean it or i will hit you) that is what mean means

Does clout mean hit?

Yes. 'To clout' means to hit, or strike.

In what porfesssinal sport can a player legally get hit in?

Boxing. If you mean 'hit' as in 'punched' then this is the main answer. If you mean 'hit' as in shoulder charge, trip, or other physical assault, then there are plenty: rugby, American Football, wrestling, hockey, etc. If you mean hit as in with an object, then cricket is a prime example.

What does it mean when a guy hit you using his to hand to hit you on the thigh?

Playful love

What does hit the button mean?


Are teachers mean in Mexico could they hit the children?

Teachers could be mean, but definitely they cannot hit the children: it is forbidden by law.

What does it mean to hit the jar?

To, "hit the jar" means you've hit the target. Or, that you are trying to hit the target.Using it in a sentence: "Josh hit the jar!" Betty said.

Is hit an adjective?

Although oddly ignored by many dictionaries, hit can be an adjective, in at least two uses: - to mean struck (a hit batter in baseball) - to mean popularly successful (a hit movie, a hit recording) The latter may simply be referred to as being a hit (noun) when the reference is known.

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