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Hepatomegaly is the condition of having an enlarged liver. It is a nonspecific medical sign having many causes, which can broadly be broken down into infection, direct toxicity, hepatic tumours, or metabolic disorder. Often, hepatomegaly will present as an abdominal mass. Depending on the cause, it may sometimes present along with jaundice.

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It is a condition which means you have an oversized or enlarged liver. Read this link for more information:

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Q: What does hepatomegaly actually mean?
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What is the treatment for hepatomegaly?

mild hepatomegaly symptomps and treatment

How do you cure hepatomegaly?

The cure of hepatomegaly will depend on the cause and the severity of this liver disease. The best solution id medication which is used to reduce the inflammation.

Why hepatomegaly occurs in thalassemia?

Hepatomegaly in thalassemia occures as aresult of engorgement of hepatic paranchymal and phagocytic cells with hemosiderin deposits.

What is the medical term meaning liver enlargement?

The word hepatomegaly means the swelling or enlargement of the liver beyond its normal size. Use it in a sentence: "Upon examination there was palpable hepatomegaly." NB palpable means you can feel it. There are a variety of causes of hepatomegaly. These include infection, degeneration and cancer. Hepato- refers to the liver; mega- large

What are the causes of non tender hepatomegaly?


What are the combining forms of hepatomegaly?

It means Liver.

What is the meaning of hepatomegaly?

General swelling of the liver.

What is the common cause of hepatomegaly?

liver disease

Is hepatomegaly the abnormal enlargement of the liver?


What is the root word in hepatomegaly?


What is a hypodense lesion in the left lobe of the liver mean?

What does this mean........innumerable multiple hypodence lesions involving both lobes of the liver measuring 2 to 5 mm. Nodularity of the liver contour .there is mild hepatomegaly

What is the prefix of the word hepatomagaly?

The prefix of the word hepatomegaly is "hepato-", which refers to the liver.