What does healty mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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=Healthy means to have no medical problems.=

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Q: What does healty mean?
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What is healty hair?

Eat and drink healty and then... you will know what it means to haveca healty hair.... because it will be like this. For a bit moore success you can try Argan Oil ;)



What healthy food do they eat in the Bahamas?

the healty food they eat is the same healty food we eat. lol =0 <=)

What does healty mean on a nutrition label?

Pretty much absolutely nothing. It's a marketing word, the meaning of which is not legally enforced.

What does the star symbol on jewelry mean?

star on the jewelry means a healty women like five penis of avarage size.

Why is getting fit good?

you get HEALTY

How did the Cherokee tribe live?

claen and healty

Is it beneficial for someone to eat healty food?


Animals eat meat?

to get healty and strong and get protein

Slogan in keeping our self healty?

be wealthy , be healthy

Are chrisp and choclte are healty?

No, both pretty fattening.

Is it healty to stay in a bad relationship?

If you view it as bad then no.