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To just make sure you're okay like if you went somewhere or did something,you know,just to make sure you're safe.

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Q: What does he mean when he says he is just checking up n you?
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What does eying someone up mean?

It means your checking them out

What does it mean when someone says What is up b?

If your name starts with a b, its just a short form, but when someone says "what is up b" The b means "bitch".

I care a lot about my baby's father but he has a girlfriend and syill calls me and texts me all the time what does that mean?

this mean he is just checking up on you and the baby it doesnt always means he still loves you, it depends though on what he says when he texts you though there is a slight chance he still does have feelings for you but dont get your hopes up free advice from the expierenced

If a boy was looking up and down at you when you had your back to him and you turn around and he looks to the ground does tht mean he is checking you out?

NO. it just means that he thinks you are full of yourself, and if he doesnt look at the ground you will think he is checking you out. you are VAIN, honey.

When ex says he thinks about you often Is that a strong feeling and what does it mean by it?

It may just mean he thinks about you because you had a past, you just broke up and he may even miss you.

What does it mean on YouTube when it says this video has been removed by the user?

Just what it says: Whoever put the video up there changed their mind and removed it again.

When it says the press code you tried is invalid what does it mean on howrse?

The code has expired or never existed (just made up).

What does it mean if a friend says he is about to throw up then you say you will beat him up if he does then a girl says can you beat him up for me if throws up on me?

The girl who asked you if you could beat up your friend if he throws up on you is either joking or asking you to beat him up for her or it was just a comment she gave no thought too.

What does it mean when your boyfriend says he'll dance when he needs to?

Making up excuses. Just his way of saying he doesn't want to dance

What does it mean when someone says take a deep breath and lets just keep it real?

it means they want to break up with u

What does it mean when your boyfriend says he needs a break and then when you are done with the break he wants to spend the rest of his life with you?

he was seeing someone else and he broke up with them just for you he was seeing someone else and he broke up with them just for you

What can i by online using my checking account?

anytrhing just have to set up a paypal account.