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that ur in love with them

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Q: What does having strong feelings for someone mean?
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What does havind strong feelings for someone mean?

Having strong feelings for someone means that there is more than a friendship bond, and possibly a romantic attraction.

What is having feelings for someone mean?

Use your brain.

How do you remove all feelings of girl?

I assume that you mean "How do you stop having feelings for a girl?" I can't answer that as I am not a lesbian, but I can tell you that if you have real feelings for someone then its not easy to stop having feelings for them... You need to try and remove that person from you life as much as possible. You need to move on.

What does strong feelings mean?

It means love.

Why does this happen I'll like someone and have feelings for him and then he starts having feelings towards me too and things start getting serious but then I will lose feelings for him?

This means that your feelings are for him are not secure. It can also mean you have feelings for someone else or even your ex-boyfriend. If you are unsure about your feelings for him, he needs to know so that he does not feel led on or betrayed.

What does it mean having feelings for someone?

well, it means you hardcore sex all night, with connor o'shaughnessy. hes a babe

What does feel deeply for you mean?

He or she has very strong feelings for you.

What does it mean does it mean when someone says..............I love-d you too?

In the past tense, you say? Most likely they've gotten over you but at one point they had strong feelings, if you're in a relationship with the person it may mean you've changed and it's affected their feelings about you.

What does having magenta feelings mean?

It means that you are happy and affectionate ( well they are a couple of the feelings)

What does indentifiable mean?

Having the same effort or purpose. To consider as the same in relation.

What does it mean when he says he has strong feelings for you?

It means that he is falling in love with you and cares for you :)

What does it mean to want someone a lot?

To want someone a lot means to have strong desires, feelings, or attractions towards that person. It typically implies a deep or intense longing to be with them or have a close connection with them.