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Flirting means that they like you, but don't nessecarily want to be in a relastionship with you. Most of the time they would want you to make the first move.

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Q: What does flirting mean and does it mean they want to be in a relationship with you?
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What does 'If I Was Single I Wouldn't Be Flirting'. Mean?

When you are single you can see as many guy or girls as you want, but if you are dating someone then you have no right to flirt. This person sounds as if they have their wires crossed. It's obvious that this person is in a relationship and flirting, but feels if they were single and flirting it's not called 'flirting.' This person is very messed up.

Why do girls flirt but not want a relationship?

because then their options are open and flirting is fun

What does he mean when he ends it but there is still flirting?

Probably wants to continue the relationship but without a commitment,

How do you have a boy ask you out?

You can try flirting with him to let him know you'd like a relationship, and want him to make the first move.

What do you do if your in a relationship and the guy is like flirting with all your friends?

My boyfriend can be the same way! Everybody flirts even if they are in a relationship. Flirting is fun! But if it really bothers you then talk to him about it. He shouldn't be flirting with your friends.

What does it mean if you dream about your ex with your best friend flirting and treating you weird and looking at u the whole time as if mocking u and it really hurts in the dream and when you wake up?

it means that in the back of your mind you are confused whether you want you ex to be just your friend or be your lover again... i mean it still hurts if you see him or her in the arms of another but you don't want to make a relationship with him or her again....

Does flirting mean that he want to be more than friends?

Most likely, but he could be giving you false signs. Try flirting back and see what happens.

Does it mean that Every girl who is Flirting with you is wanting sex?

that really depends on how she is flirting,..if she is aggressive about it then it is very likely that she does want to sleep with you, but if she is being passive and/or cassual when she is flirting then maybe sex isn't the only thing she is after

How can you win your ex-boyfriend back when you really like him but he now has a girlfriend and she is about to move but they want a long-distance relationship?

Have you tried flirting?

How do you tell off you boyfriend when hes flirting with other girls?

To tell off one's boyfriend when he's flirting with other girls, a person should tell their boyfriend how disrespectful and hurtful it is for them to do that. Inform them that if they want to be in a relationship, they must learn to control themselves otherwise the relationship is over.

What does it mean to dream someone tells you they want a relationship with you?

It might mean that subconsciously you are attracted to them or perhaps want to pursue a relationship with them. Or if you are sure that you do not want a relationship with that person you might just be projecting your want of a relationship onto someone you know.

When a boy jokes with you by sometimes being mean to you is that considered flirting also besides the basic flirting he does to me?

Um yes, he most likely wants your attention and wants you to laugh. ---- yes, that is also considered flirting. he's trying to make a hint that he wants your relationship to move beyond just flirting. But wait for him to ask you out.