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It usually means they are being confrontational with someone(s).

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Q: What does flexing on someone mean?
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What does the john wall dance mean?

He is flexing his arm to show strength and superiority

Is flexing humble?

No. Flexing is an incredibly conceited and prideful action.

What muscles are used for flexing the knee?

the hamstring is used for flexing the knee

What does the slang term flex or flexing mean?

To tighten your muscle(s), usually in an attempt to flatter.flexing can also mean to show off

When was Flexing with Monty created?

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When was Flexing Habitual created?

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Is binding the tip of your finger an example of flexing?

Yes, because bending the top of your finger is flexing your finger and joints.

What is the role of movable joints?

Flexing is the answer.

What happens when you flex your muscle?

The muscle in your arm contracts. The muscle on the other side of your arm, opposite from the side that you are flexing, stretches.

Does flexing help your muscles?

yes it helps

When you straighten your fingers out are you extending or flexing?


What are the release dates for Flexing Your PC Muscle - 2013?

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