What does emotinal mean?

Updated: 9/6/2023
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Do u mean emotional?

yh i did sorry do youu know what it means??

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Q: What does emotinal mean?
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What is the emotinal state of the speaker in the raven?

He is hallucinating

What would people say about Andy Warhol?

he was very emotinal

Why did Nick Jonas cry ed in the concert?

he gets emotinal about his diabetes

Developing good characterhas a positive effect on your?

a.physical health b.mental/ emotinal health health d.all of the above

When a girl helps you with something emotional?

when a girl helps you with something emotinal it means that she is there for you and that maybe they want you to know that they like you and that you can rely on them.

What is the reason why you should keep the schools safer from bullies and cyberbullying?

becase kids are very emotinal around adalesance and can commite suicide.

What to do when you feel broken?

well you cant feel anything your just broken well if your heart broken you feel despair emotinal dont wanna talk to anybody!

What type of crowds does Linkin Park attract?

rock fans,punk fans,emotinal music fans alot of mixed people but mostly LINKIN PARK FANS.

What is the type of bullying other than physycal verbal and cyber?

pressure bullying hasing emotinal bullying if u are or no someone who is being bullied take action now

You are buying a new car and you decide to buy the Mazda Miata even though it makes more sense to buy the Ford. What part of your brain is at work?

The emotinal brain :)

What is the best thing to tell a girl to make her feel better?

Listen in on what she has to say make her feel like you care(girls are emotinal) then tell her shes pretty smart etc. express your feelings to her then hug or kiss her

What were the conditions of the camp in the book The Boy in the Striped Pajamas?

It was terrifieing and emotinal they walk around bare footed same clothes to be worn everyday,head shaved bold.they are not aloud to leave or let anyone in the camp,if caught talking to anyone that is not the same religion as them they would be punished,whipped or gassed,people of all ages working there socks of no nice fancy food or drink,porridge or even just one piece of bread and water,not very fresh either. The jews never got a chance to do what they wanted,they would allways be working for the boss or the other jews. It was an emotinal and shocking time,for us,for them.