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my guess would be 'aged beauty' meaning people who are older that are not exactly gorgeous but are pretty for their age.

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Q: What does dignified beauty mean?
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What does Augustine mean?

Augustine means venerated, dignified or majestic.

What does the japanese word rinko mean?

Dignified, cool, stand off-ish, noble, etc. Rinko hana means a dignified flower.

what Is poising mean?

It is how you show a dignified, self confident manner or bearing

What does the name Jahira mean?

Hindi is dignified and proud Muslim is jewel

What does the name Augustine mean?

Augustine means venerated, dignified or majestic.

Does disgraceful mean the same meaning as dignified?

No. Disgraceful means "shockingly unacceptable." and dignified means "Having or showing a composed or serious manner that is worthy of respect." They are almost antonyms.

To be treated in a dignified way?

to be treated in a dignified way

What is the Tagalog of dignified?

Tagalog Translation of DIGNIFIED: karangalan

What is a sentence using the word dignified?

He was very dignified at the funeral.

When was A Dignified Rage created?

A Dignified Rage was created in 2002.

What is the latin translation for Dignified?

The Latin adjective meaning dignified is gravis.

What does perception of beauty mean?

The appearance of beauty to you.