What does cure means?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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cure means,where are we going.

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Q: What does cure means?
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What is the word in Latin for 'cure'?

remedium means 'remedy' which is a cure

Cure for shphilis?

If youre asking for a cure for syphilis, then yes there is. Unlike herpes, it is not viral which means you can cure it with antibiotics.

No therapeutic claim means?

Means it's not expected to cure anything.

Which word means cure all?


What does cure vampire mean on sims 2 double deluxe?

If you mean like, on boolprop it means cure vampire. But, you have to be a vampire to cure one.

What does diagnosed?

Diagnosed means that you find a cure for something.

What does 'chiyu no sensei'?

Japanese sensei means a teacher, expert, doctor or master.Chiyu means healing, cure, recovery.Chiyu no sensei could mean "the recovery of the teacher", "the teacher who is a cure" or "the teacher's cure". Only the context will determine the correct translation.

What rhymes with friend that means cure?

The word 'mend'.

What does diagnosed mean?

Diagnosed means that you find a cure for something.

What does amat Victoria curam means?

Victory loves the cure.

What is cure?

Cure means to solve the problems causing the disease and thereby become well again.

What do you think the root word cure means?

The root word "cure" means to heal, restore, or alleviate a condition or illness. It can also refer to finding a solution or remedy for a problem or difficulty.