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It means you take into account lower socio-economic people of different races and understand how health and social welfare issues impact them.

For example, HSA (Health Savings Accounts) are probably a good system for upper middle class families to save on health spending but not a very good program for poor people.

Policies are often times geared towards geography and other demographic factors to get votes.

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Q: What does cultural diversity mean in health and social care?
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Why health care organisation should promote Cultural diverse workplace?

There is no particular reason that a Health Care organization should be called upon more than any other organization to promote cultural diversity in the workplace. Acceptance of cultural diversity permits an employer to make use of more of the available capable people than would otherwise be the case.

What is prejudice in health and social care?

Diversity encompasses visible and non-visible individual differences. Diversity implies a wide range of conditions and characteristics.

How does diversity play a role in providing patient care for medical assisting?

roles in which dievrsity takes place in ethnic, social, and cultural on providing patient care

How is diversity promoted in social care?

Diversity is promoted in social care by not discriminating anyone based on their color, age, or race. It is meant to show that even though someone is different, they will get the same social care as someone else.

How the communication process is influenced by individual values and cultural factors in health and social care settings?

go read a book you retards.

What is the importance of treating people equally health and social care?

It is important to treat people equally in health and social care because each person has the same rights under both the law as well as ethically and morally. Sometimes however, a person will require slightly different treatment in order to be sensitive to their cultural or religious background.

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Ethical pronciples of health social care?

Ethical principal of health social care is that is the right thing for us to do. We need to help everyone.

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