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A community consists of a number of like minded people. Also a social unit

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A community
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Communication consist's of two or more people talking to each other either over text or in human phone calls e.c.t

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Q: What does communication consist of?
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What does of the following doesnt consist of in the business communication?

An order

What doesnot consist of in the business communication?


What is verbal communication and what does it consist of?

The actual words and the tone and cadence of the voice.

What is formal communication consist of?

Formal communication consists of business letters, public presentations, and official memorandums. Emails exchanged in a professional context are also formal communication.

What did mass communication in the 1930's consist of?

Radio, motion pictures and news papers

What are four components of interpersonal communication?

The four components of interpersonal effectiveness consist of competence, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and ethics.

What does interpersonal communication consist of?

Interpersonal communication can be about family situations or work. As long as people are exchanging information the communication is considered interpersonal. Here are some of the things involved:Observing the action of othersSpeaking about thoughts and feelingsUnderstanding personalitiesBeing in close proximity (can be digitally "close")

What are the elements of love?

Elements of love consist of respect, patients, communication, faith, trust, devotion, understanding, compassion, passion, and teamwork. This is just my opinion.

Would feedback consist only of verbal communication?

Feedback can be verbal, non-verbal or written communication. For example, a parent may use a facial grimace to 'tell' a child to 'stop misbehaving'. In business, such as employment, written communication should always be the form of feedback in order to create a record. Surveys are a form of written feedback.

What does human body consist of?

what does the ody consist of? what does the body consist of?

What is the meaning of languages?

Languages are systems of communication that consist of words, grammar, and syntax used by people in different parts of the world to express ideas, emotions, and information. They play a significant role in shaping culture, identity, and fostering connections among individuals.

What does the mantle consist of?

It consist of asthenosphere