What does cholesterol level 8.5 mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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On the face of it, you appear to need to lower your cholesterol level to the recommended level of under 4.

However, you should consult with your medical practitioner first, and they will then make whatever recommendations necessary for your given state in life.

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Q: What does cholesterol level 8.5 mean?
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How do you figure out what is a normal cholesterol level?


What does HDL Cholesterol mean?

HDL Cholesterol stands for "High-density Lipoproteins", which is the `good' cholesterol. A high level of HDL cholesterol in the blood is thought to lower the risk of coronary artery disease.

Is 85 good for hdl cholesterol?


Where can I find out more about cholesterol level?

You can learn more about cholesterol level at It has everything you would need to know about cholesterol including the normal and healthy level of cholesterol.

What is blood cholesterol level in guinea fowl?

They have an extremely low blood cholesterol level.

How high can your cholesterol level get?

Not really sure, but my level and 3 siblings have had cholesterol readings of 13.5, therefore classified as familial cholesterol.

What is good cholesterol level?

A desirable cholesterol level is below 200 milligrams, if you are above 240 milligrams then you have a high level of cholesterol. It's important to keep your cholesterol at a healthy level, especially if you have other risk factors for developing heart disease. For more information on cholesterol levels click on this link

What is the main regulator of blood cholesterol level?

Dietary cholesterol

Who should know its cholesterol count?

Everyone should know what their cholesterol level is. If you are unsure of your current cholesterol level, you can visit your family physician to get tested.

How can I get a better cholesterol level?

You should try to maintain a total cholesterol level of below 5.2 and a LDL cholesterol level of below 2.6. To help you lower your cholesterol level, you should eat more whole grains and vegetables, and less red meat, especially fatty meats.

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What is the desirable LDL (bad) cholesterol level?

Obviously there is no desirable (bad) cholesterol level.