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In research at the University of California it was first noticed that cells with malformed chromosomes were prolific in cancerous tumors. Further research revealed that when a carcinogen (a toxic particle) enters a cell that is dividing, it attaches to the mitotic spindle. This causes the chromosomes to divide unevenly, which then reform haphazardly. Thls results in daughter cells that are not identical. but are deformed. These cells with malformed chromosomes go on to replicate, and eventually they form cancerous tumors. Unfortunately, the malformed chromosomes can be passed down to offspring, the reason why cancer can run in families.

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Cells normally have controls in place that prevent them from growing too quickly, or progressing through mitosis if they're not supposed to. Sometimes in cancer, the cells ignore these signals and go through mitosis even though they're not supposed to. This can result in too many cells.

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Q: What does cancer have to do with mitosis?
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Is mitosis a way to stop cancer cells from dividing?

No, mitosis is actually the cause of cancer. Well, unregulated mitosis that is. Cancer is basically uncontrolled cell division.

What role does mitosis play in cancer?

Mitosis arguably plays the largest role in cancer. Mitosis is responsible for the growth and division of the cancerous cells.

Discuss cancer as mitosis gone wild?

Can you descuss cancer as mitosis "gone wild"?

What does mitosis have to do with lung cancer?

Mitosis is how most cells replicate. When cancer develops, the rate of cancer cell mitosis is higher than it should be and higher than the rate of surrounding cells. This is why a tumor forms.

How do mitosis inhibitors help with cancer?

Inhibiting mitosis means that cell multiplication and growth is halted, and halting that process means that the cancer will not continue to grow, and can be more easily treated and eradicated.

What does breast cancer have to do with mitosis?

Cancer has a lot to do with mitosis. A cell in mitosis normally spends a lot of time in interphase, growing. With cancer, cells do not spend enough time growing, and replicate to quickly. These cells continue replicating until a mass forms.

What is it called when mitosis goes out of control?

when mitosis goes out of control it is called

What is uncontrolled mitosis?

Uncontrolled mitosis is when cells continue to divide. Which is considered the developing of a tumor or that is cancer.

What does cells and mitosis has to do with cancer?

it doesnt re-tard

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