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have sex cause it feels so good

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Q: What does bust it wide open mean?
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What do you do with pinata?

bust it open

What gape mean?

Open the mouth wide.

What does gaping mean?

It can mean staring, open-mouthed, but is normally used to mean an open fissure or crack

What does the word gaping mean?

Wide open. A gaping hole is a wide open hole. A gaping mouth is one which is hanging open, usually from astonishment.

Does the Bible say that being gay you will bust hell wide open?

No. It says homosexuality is a sin. If you engage in those activities, according to God's word, you will go to hell.

What is wide eye?

when you say that someone has wide eyes, you mean that their eyes are fully open or extended.

What does bust mean on a modeling website?

A bust in modeling would mean a head and shoulders figure.

How do you bust open the poptropica water tower?

You can't bust it open, and you don't need to. You use the jet pack to fly to the top of the tower to grab the flag.

What does (baby bust) mean?

Do you mean bust-it baby? I can't find busit baby on a search engine.

What does the expression bust mean?

bust can either mean a behind of a person or a sculpture of someone's body (shoulders and up)

How were rifles used during the revolution?

To kill people and after you ran out of gun powder you used the butt of the rifle to smash in heads or bust the opponent face wide open hopefully hitting an artery

What does nose wide open mean?

isn't it his mind is wide open if not so, it prolly means he has a nose problem