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Sed rate is a type of measure of infection in the blood. Sed rate of 17 is within the normal range for both men and women. The normal rate for women is 0-29mm/hr. and the normal rate for men is 0-22 mm/hr.

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Q: What does an sed rate of 17 mean?
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What does the medical abbreviation sed mean?

Sed is often used as shorthand for sedimentation rate.

Can fractured tailbone cause high sed rate?

The sed rate only shows that there is inflammation in the body, not the cause or location. Any injury can increase sed rate.

What does high BASO in blood test mean?

My Baso is 0.143 with SED Rate 13 HCT 40.2 and RDW rate 10.4 What does that mean?

What is a sed rate?

A sed rate, or erythrocyte sedimentation rate, measures how quickly red blood cells settle at the bottom of a tube. It is a nonspecific marker of inflammation in the body and can help diagnose conditions like infections, autoimmune diseases, and certain cancers. A high sed rate usually indicates an underlying inflammatory process.

Is a blood Sed rate of 60 ok in and elderly man?

A SED rate of 60 is high even for an elderly man. Even if you''re 90 your SED rate should be somewhere around 50 or below. Talk to your doctor about it.

What is sed rate in the blood?

Sed rate tell you if there is inflammation in the body. It does not tell you the reason for the inflammation but along with other test it can help diagnose problems. Sed rate can be elevated with many different conditions including with infection and auto immune disorders.

How high can a sed rate go?


What does sed mean in English?

Sed is "thirst" Tener sed means "To be thirsty". For example: Tengo sed is 'I'm thirsty'.

What does high sedimentation rate mean?

The erythrocyte sedimentation rate (sed rate) blood test measures how quickly red blood cells (erythrocytes) settle in a test tube in one hour. The more red cells that settle to the bottom of the test tube within the hour, the higher the sed rate. The sedimentation rate indicates that there is inflammation somewhere in the system.

What does the prefix sed mean?

The prefix "Sed" means SIT

Is SED rate high in Crohns disease?


Can taking prednisone give a low SED rate test?

If it is doing the job it is meant to be doing then yes because it lowers inflammation. The lower the inflammation the lower the SED rate.