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Amorphous Crystals ¤Amorphous urates are found in acid urine. These crystals may appear pink on gross analysis and yellow microscopically (Figure 2-12). These crystals appear as granules in the urine sediment. Amorphous phosphates are found in alkaline urine. These granules are colorless microscopically and also appear granular when viewed microscopically. Occasionally amorphous material may appear in clumps or masses. It may be difficult to distinguish amorphous crystals from bacteria since they may be of the same size when viewed microscopically. However, amorphous crystals are soluble in opposing acid or alkaline solution; bacteria will not. Amorphous urates will also dissolve when heated. cited from: retrieved 4/11/2009

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Q: What does amorphous sediment mean?
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What does abnormal crystals and amorphous sediment in blood test mean?

Abnormal crystals and amorphous sediment are findings in a urine test, not a blood test. Suggests stones.

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what is the meaning of amorphous urates :rare

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