What does abruptly?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It means suddenly, unexpectedly or without warning. Also can mean in a callous manner.
Abruptly means suddenly with no warning.

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Q: What does abruptly?
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How do you spell abruptly?


What is a sentence using abruptly?

He answered so abruptly, I almost missed it! The horse stopped abruptly.

How do you make a sentence with the word abruptly?

Abruptly - "The song ended abruptly, without a proper ending."

Sentence with abruptly?

Sam abruptly stopped swinging

What is a sentence for the word abruptly?

The bus stoped abruptly.

Use the word abruptly in a sentence?

A sentence with the word abruptly is: An earthquake happened abruptly, and not one person knew what had happened.

What is a good sentence with abruptly?

He abruptly stopped after he realized that he was not supposed to be doing that.

What is a synonym for suddenly?

abruptly, all of a sudden, unexpectedly,

Can you give a sentence of abruptly?

"The tram stopped abruptly after a bus drove in front of it." "Louise abruptly told Mark to stop being so silly." "Tessa abruptly declined Tom's invitation to dinner, because she did not like him."

A sentence with the word abruptly?

When Max entered the room, Freddie abruptly turned and walked out.

How many adverb the sentence have They decided very abruptly to hold meetings monthly?

2. Abruptly and monthly.

A simple sentence using abruptly?

The car ahead of me stopped abruptly, so I had to brake quickly to avoid a crash.